Speaking @TopConf Bucharest next week

November 22, 2023

Yeah, Bucharest once again in less than 4 months ��� This week I will be travelling to Romania to present my latest topic at TopConf  based on my last year experience. “Managing Global Teams – Lessons learned“.

The talk is just a presentation of what I have found as best practices when you need to manage global development teams. From staffing and candidate screening to the creation of a virtual office and performance evaluation. Some of the ideas apply as well to the “traditional” teams but there are many differences and I think you will love it!The talk

One day before I’ll have the chance to hold my favorite SonarQube workshop. My first and eternal love ��� . So glad that I will have the chance again to spread the word about clean code, metrics and continuous inspection.

It’s the second time of  TopConf  and I’m so happy ll have the chance to attend some great talks about IoT, Mobile, Responsive Design and DevOps and more. I’ll be around from Sunday to Tuesday and I’ll be very glad to chat about any topic you want.

So see you all in a few days!

This year looks great and if you can’t attend TopConf  you might be able to meet me at some other conference I’ll attend this year.